The World's First Multi-User Touch Technology

The DiamondTouch table is a multi-user, debris tolerant, touch and gesture activated display screen that supports small group collaboration. GIS image analysis, CAD, graphic design layout, gaming, project management… these are all great examples of the kind of collaborative activity that is perfect for DiamondTouch. Users can look at each other eye to eye, and because DiamondTouch is multi-user, everyone can interact at the same time – no need to take turns.

Developer’s Kit available Now… Following years of field testing, Circle Twelve is making the DiamondTouch table commercially available, complete with Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) that provides programmers with access to the API that enables multi-user interaction and multi-touch gesture inputs. The DiamondTouch Developers Kit includes a mouse emulator with access to on-screen keyboard, allowing users to operate popular Windows® applications using the DiamondTouch right out of the box. Also included is a multi-user annotation tool integrated with the mouse emulator, allowing users to save mark-ups on images, documents, etc.

So if all you want to do is things that you can do today with a mouse and keyboard, plus some annotation, you do not need to be a programmer – DiamondTouch will just work. If you want to create your own multi-user application or gesture-based interface, you can use the DiamondTouch SDK.


This video provides an overview and demonstration of the
some of the basics for using the DiamondTouch table


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